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Statie Totala Robotica Sokkia SRX2 demo

Statie Totala Sokkia SRX2 (precizie 2 secunde), aproape noua, reflctorless/prisma, cu prisma 360 grade, receptor, baterii, jalon si trepied aluminiu. Se pot utilza controllere cu soft Carlson SurvCE/PC TS (neinclus in preț). Continut echipament:
  • SRX2 Robotic 2″ cu radio 2.4 GHz, Reflectorless 1000 m, Prisma 5000 m Prisma 360 grade activa cu Radio 2.4 GHz cu jalon + trepied aluminiu
  • Optional Controller Carlson cu soft Layout sau SurvCE/PC TS
Pret nou 21000 Euro 
    Preturile nu includ TVA.

7.990,00  excl. TVA

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The New SRX features innovative Auto-Tracking and EDM technologies that maximize the robotic surveying capability.

Extremely Robust Auto-Tracking
The new SRX total stations feature cutting-edge laser technology, optimized optical design, newly-developed motor drive mechanism, and further refined tracking algorithm, to achieve extremely robust Auto-Tracking capability. The new SRX constantly tracks a moving prism even in strong backlight or with repetitive interruptions in the line-of-sight, dramatically reducing possibility of losing a prism lock. Even if the lock is lost, the advanced on-demand remote control system allows the SRX to instantly recover the prism lock, ensuring increased productivity in all robotic surveying and setting-out tasks.

1,000m Reflectorless Measurement Range
New RED-tech 800 EDM provides increased accuracy and range in distance measurements with or without reflectors, incorporating the new optical design, the enhanced signal processing algorithm, as well as the ultra-high signal modulation frequencies of up to 468.75MHz. The RED-tech 800 provides measurement accuracy of 1.5mm + 2ppm with 360° prisms or standard prisms, and 2mm + 2ppm without a reflector. It measures up to 6,000m (19,680ft) distance with a single prism, and up to 800m (2,620ft) without a reflector. The reflectorless measurements of up to 1,000m (3,280ft) range is possible when the brightness at object surface is 500 lux or less, regardless of ambient brightness conditions.

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